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LED Pictures

An unremembered number of years ago I started wanting to make at least one picture like this. A picture engraved into a transparent polymer sheet, lit by LEDs from the side. The light gets scattered in the rough places of the sheet. If the LEDs are hidden, e.g. in a frame, this makes it look like the transparent picture itself is glowing. I liked the idea - probably seen it somewhere. And I knew I'm not good at making pictures - be it with paint or an engraving cutter. So I didn't do it. Usually this is the end with ideas like this of mine.

I couldn't get rid of the idea for years though. And some day I made one. It didn't look good but I liked it. I made a few more and added more efford this time.

I saw a potential to become better at this (and still do) so I made more and more. And about 7 years later I have made hundrets of them. Here are a few I like best:

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