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YouTube channels that I find worth recommending

There is no other reason why I restrict this list to YouTube channels other than that is where I'm most likely to discover interesting videos. It's just where most online videos are. The channels in this list are in no particular order. Some pretty well-known and famous, some not that big, but all very interesting to watch to me.

  • World Science Festival - Science panel talks - I've written about it here already.
  • DIY Perks - Interesting electronics-related DIY projects, partly very elaborate. Nice voice.
  • Technology Connections - In-depth explorations and explanations of technical, electrical and electronics topics. Retro tech, home appliances, traffic lights, video technology, ...
  • TrackZero - Computer/digital electronics projects vlog. Homebrew computer hardware, vintage computer hardware.
  • Tipharot - Short videos on lucid dreaming
  • colinfurze - Weirdly over-the-top and professional-looking DIY builds
  • Pursuit of Wonder - Philosophical and thought-provoking stories nicely told
  • Absolute Unit (at this point still also known as "DWK's new channel") - Peeves and other personal shortcomings portrayed in a fun way
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Stop Liking What I Don't Like: Tiktok

Letting out some of my dissatisfaction with the modern web seems to become a regular thing here. Here's the take of somebody else on some of these things. It's a different angle than my own. But I agree with lots of it. Maybe it's just a video that you're supposed to watch for fun and move on. But I had a few thoughts while listening. It's a video on YouTube. But the audio is most important.

Absolute Unit - Stop Liking What I Don't Like: Tiktok

Most of the thoughts that I had aren't worth mentioning. But here is one anyway: I forget what I wanted to say. Anyway, I just felt like sharing the video anyway.

Also: "The Small Web" with independent small web sites doesn still exist. "Little corners on the internet", "hidden jems you can stumble upon", "creativity". It's not gone. It's just flooded by other web sites and forgotten while posting and reading on some few central web sited.

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World Science Festival

The World Science Festical is an event that seems to bring scientists from different fields with highly interesting or intriguing thoughts and ordinary humans together once a year. I don't really know much more about it than the Wikipedia article says. But after wathing several of the panel recordings on YouTube I feel like sharing some of the (to me) most interesting topics.

This is just a small selecltion from similar videos that are way worth watching. The videos on their YouTube channel are sorted into playlists by topic category.

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Vortrag: Luzide Träume

Ein Vortrag, den ich Anfang 2015 im RaumZeitLabor gehalten habe.

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