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Posts tagged with category Shared are where I show and usually link to something on the web that I find interesting, helpful or otherwise worth sharing. Posts categorised as Links are link lists or link collections with no descriptions.

Web Links

Here are just a few random links to web pages I find interesting or relevant in some way. Can be used to kill some time of discover some random web pages I find interesting or relevant in some way. I'll not list this as incomplete although such a list can of course never be complete. I may remove from or add to this list at different intervals.

  • ASCII Art Archive
  • asciiflow (Draw on a canvas with ASCII charactters)
  • xero's linux dotfiles
  • http://shapecatcher.com/
  • https://soundcloud.com/spaceweather
  • A typical, good and short XKCD comic strip (#703: Honor Societies)
  • Uhrzeigersinn (Kamelopedia-Artikel)
  • www.led-rechner.de (Sadly discontinued. It was the best web current limiting resistor calculator I've ever seen.)
  • https://winworldpc.com/library/
  • https://computerarchive.org/
  • A photo of a large penis
  • Raipats Schlafhacking-Blog
  • http://search.lores.eu/
  • http://hackertyper.com/
  • Lucid Sage: The Lucid Dreaming Podcast (a good podcast about lucid dreaming topics)
  • http://unicodeemoticons.com/cool_text_icons_and_pictures.htm
  • http://www.schnappmatik.de/TFFFFF/
  • https://apps.timwhitlock.info/emoji/tables/unicode
  • YaCy (a distributed web search engine, based on a peer-to-peer network
  • https://rarbg.to/torrents.php
  • The Eye (free public collections from a group of data hoarders)
  • Nineties-looking World Wide Web-sites
  • defaultfile.name (website for watching videos that were uploaded to YouTube without renaming the camera's files first)
  • Library Genesis (Libgen IPFS project - Alternative domains: libgen.io, libgen.gs, libgen.lc, libgen.li, genesis.lib)
  • https://web.archive.org/web/20191015084544/http://www.homebrewcpu.com/
  • Unsplash (freely-usable image database)
  • https://github.com/hackerb9/lsix
  • https://ngrok.com/
  • https://librivox.org/
  • https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4phpFQDxF9VSnl4V3pmRGVuWXc
  • http://betteros.org/tut/graphics1.php
  • https://minix1.woodhull.com/
  • https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RU63d0rIZHZb0BIrXY3dg_JifIzBsVZo
  • https://www.retrogames.cz/play_007-NES.php?emulator=retrocc
  • https://supermarioemulator.com/mario.php
  • https://snapdrop.net/
  • https://pbnify.com/
  • http://www.modding-faq.de/
  • https://jspaint.app/
  • Steeph's Web Log
  • draft0
  • Dietrich Drahtlos - Die offizielle Fan-Seite für den großen Ingenieur und Erfinder D.Drahtlos (http://www.dietrich-drahtlos.de scheint nicht zu funktionieren.)
  • Elektronik und Mikrocontroller - Burkhard Kainkas Webseite
  • B. Kainkas Elektronik-Logbuch
  • Directory of text-only websites
  • A clock that has its hh:mm:ss hex values as background color
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    Lucid Dreaming Links

  • Klartraum-Wiki
  • More links
  • BLucid - Der Klartraum-Podcast
  • Klartraumforum
  • LucidSage - Podcast
  • Schlafhacking-Blog (techniklastig)
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    Open Directories

    Here are some links to open directories I deem interesting or deemed interesting at some point for some reason or another. This list is not maintained; expect dead links.

  • https://the-eye.eu/
  • http://dl.booktolearn.com/
  • http://erewhon.superkuh.com/library/
  • https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwJdvQM0LylNQW9oMldpY2Q5bUE
  • https://mirror.thelifeofkenneth.com/sites/
  • https://mirror.thelifeofkenneth.com/lib/
  • https://mirror.thelifeofkenneth.com/lib/World%20Tracker%20Library/worldtracker.org/media/library/
  • http://mirror.macintosharchive.org/
  • https://c64.archive.computer/
  • https://porn.jules-aubert.info/humble_bundle/
  • http://repo.palkeo.com/repositories/
  • https://cdn.media.ccc.de/
  • https://repo.zenk-security.com/
  • http://kunalsdatabase.com/ebooks/2015/
  • http://kunalsdatabase.com/ebooks/2016/
  • http://kunalsdatabase.com/ebooks/literature/
  • http://kunalsdatabase.com/ebooks/computer_ebooks/
  • And more subdirectories of http://kunalsdatabase.com/ebooks/
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