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So, since it seems that almost everybody seems to agree that Russian gas is bad, I decided to help by destroying as much of it as possible. All my windows are opened all day and my gas heating is turned up all the way.


Frustration ought to be illegal.


I don't understand why I have to wait so long in the waiting room before I can see the doctor.

She's the one with the patients.

Schild, das seit Beginn der Pandemie die Heckscheibe meines Wagens ziert.

Comparing apples and oranges: a randomised prospective study

There is a research paper that was published a year ago and hasn't gotton enough attention in my opinion. I wished many times that somebody attempted something line this scientifically.

There are several very basic things wrong with this paper. The results are pretty much useless apart from the overall success of the comparison itself. Ignore the details. I can finally say with confidence that comparing apples with oranges is not as outragiously impossible as it is usually made out to be.

Here's the link to the paper. And here it is on NCBI.



This entry is a reply to the entry 'Spätpandemiesemantik'.

Also, das wird langsam etwas kommpliziert mit den ganzen Corona-Ges. Da dachte ich mir, ich schreib' mal eine Übersicht.

  • 1G: Menschen, die ein echter Gangster sind. Beispielsatz: "Dude, du bist so 1 G."
  • 2G: Der Default-Zustand in EDGE-Land. Beispielsatz: "Hey, hast du 2G?" - "Nee, kein Balken."
  • 2G+: Marketing-Sprech für 2G mit zusätzlichen Einschränkungen.
  • 3G: Menschen, die mit oral verabreichtem Impfstoff auf Bierbasis geimpft sind (gebraut, gezapft, getrunken).
  • 3G+: Zustand nach zu viel Bierkonsum. Beispielsatz: "Du siehst nach 3G aus." - "Ja, plus!"
  • 4G: Vier mal geimpft mit zertifiziertem LTE-Vakszien.
  • 5G: Geimpft mit einzig wahrem Mikrokontrollochip.

Gern' gescheh'n.


Definition Of Summer

Summer is the aggregate of all nights in which you can lay in wet grass at 3am and enjoy a fresh wind topless.


If I had a band to name, I'd name it Feiera, because feiera.band is still available and costs only 2,50 a month.