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1st Grand Galloping Gala

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The first GalaCon took place in 2012 in Stuttgart at a far far smaller venue than in following years. There were intentionally only a few hundret (I think it may have been arounf 200) tickets sold as to not have a big event as the first experience for the organisers. The following GalaCon was larger, after that the available tickets weren't sold out because the venue was really big. But this first one was really small for a fan convention. I think probably most visitors (or at least me) didn't know what to expect from the event and so every expectation was met. There were nice people. I had a professionally done rainbow-colored mohawk (and two people took pictures of it but I didn't have anybody take a good one for myself) and lots of fun was had. There was a lot of time with no panel, show, game, workshop or talk. There aleady was a gathering outside of the venue of people who didn't get in. There was beer and loud rock music (as opposed to inside) and we agreed to have a "Real Event" (as opposed to the one inside) in the coming years as wel. But we didn't exchange contact details and I forgot everybody's nicknames. (But there were such rogue fan gatherings with nice punk and non-punk beings outsode every following GalaCon and they became bigger, too.) I didn't take a camera to the first GalaCon (or Grand Gallopping Gala, as it was still called). But here are a few pictures that I took.

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