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XMP-iptcCore:ExtDescrAccessibility Iptc4xmpCore:ExtDescrAccessibility ExtDescrAccessibility XMP-iptcCore:AltTextAccessibility Iptc4xmpCore:AltTextAccessibility AltTextAccessibility XMP:dc:description dc:description IPTC:Caption-Abstract XMP:ImageDescription XMP:Descrption ImageDescription Description XMP:Headline Headline IPTC:Headline XMP-photoshop:Headline XMP-dc:Title dc:title Title IPTC:ObjectName Iptc4xmpExt:AOTitle AOTitle Some have been left out (uncommon, MS-specific). It's hard to decide where to stop this list. There will always be some tag that some image editing application, some batch script, some online converter or some weird camera writes but no major sotware ever reads. Some of the above are not according to the respective standard or don't belong in most image file types. But I argue it's worth checking for them because there's not much cost to it and people don't always follow standards exactly, thus manually tagging images or creating software that tags images with fields in the wrong namespace or with the same fields across all image file types. https://www.iptc.org/std/photometadata/specification/IPTC-PhotoMetadata#xmp-namespaces-and-identifiers https://www.iptc.org/std/photometadata/specification/IPTC-PhotoMetadata#xmp-namespaces-and-identifiers-2 https://www.iptc.org/std/photometadata/specification/IPTC-PhotoMetadata#xmp-properties https://www.iptc.org/std/photometadata/specification/IPTC-PhotoMetadata#iim-properties Other fields may be worthwhile to implement (Credit Line, Creator's Contact Info, Copyright Notice or others depending on the application). https://exiftool.org/TagNames/XMP.html https://exiftool.org/TagNames/EXIF.html https://exiftool.org/TagNames/ The above list is or image files in general. Other file type may have other/additional tags that are useul or similar purposes to the img tags alt attribute. Video file formats definitely have sevel different additional description fields. lang-alt fields may have strings in different languages.
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