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Derpy did 9/11

I realise that the fun in this GIF, if you would have ever been someone who would have smiled at a joke like this, is lost by now. But it was a popular and hated animation among bronies after the episode where Derpy demolished that building came out. I'd like to keep a backup here because the file is known to be reported (and removed) on image boards, discussion boards and other moderated web sites. (Imgur is almost the only one who kept it until now. But they started to remove old uploads. So it will vanish from there, too.)

This probably would be the most popular My Little Pony GIF animation that I've made if most bronies weren't Americans. :)

Edit: Oh and I found this audio recording of an old version of the Google text-to-speech reading an excerpt of the transcript of the relevant MLP:FiM episode. I created that file as a test audio file for some other project. But I think it fits here as well and sounds kind of funny.

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