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80s Loudspeaker Mini-ITX Case

My old router had been case-less long enough. So I've built this mini-ITX case from an 80s speaker.

When I saw these old plastic speaker boxes in a pile of scrap on the side of the street I just had to save them. I always see things and think: Huh, I could put a computer or something in there. The same in this case. I finally found something I wanted to put this old mini-ITX machine into.

I cut away most of the inner support structure and the beams that held the back cover on, cut off part of the back cover so the PSU fits (It fits so perfectly! It's not even mounted by anything and I can really push and pull the wire as much as I want.), cut holes in what was now the new back side, fiddled a bit and wrapped the sides in matte black foil.

It was usable at that point. The back cover is held in place a bit by the mainboard hardly fitting. Then I just glued on those wooden "feet". Their main purpose is to prevent the back cover from coming off unless the wall is strained/pulled out a bit. Such a messy built, but I'm very happy with how perfectly everything sits in place now.

Added two LED strips, a power button and a switch for the light afterwards. Now I consider it done.

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