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Frustration ought to be illegal.

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Project Ideas

You know what my problem is? I get too many ideas of things that I could attempt to make. More ideas than I could ever try and realise. So instead of picking a project and investing time in it I keep getting stuck in a loop of thinking about how I would make all those things that I'll never make. Because that's easier and faster, I suppose. Also how can I choose which project to work on when many of my ideas feel like they could be good ideas. It's often impossibly to decide based on objective criteria what I should do.

I think I'll post some of my case modding and electronics ideas in a new category (Project Ideas) here in the future. They will lack the visual pictures that I have in my mind. But maybe when I tell somebody (anybody, even non-existing future blog readers) about some of them then I can allow myself to treat them as done and stop thinking about how I could and should start working on them some time. They may not be good ideas and I may not put too much (or any) effort into trying to convey why they are an important or good idea to me. But who knows, maybe there will even be some interesting stuff.

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