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I went for a walk through fields and woods this January. It was cold. Almost as cold as it gets these winters around here. And it was white. Far whiter than it usually gets around here these winters. It wasn't snowing. But there were icicles on cars and roof edges, fences and branches were covered in ice and everything except the main street was white. The air was misty and where the view allowed to see into distant trees or villages, a fine fog created harmonious images in any direction.

I was less than 100 m away from my house when I thought "I should have brought a camera." for the first time that day. During the following hours I noticed many details with interesting looks due to the snow and ice cover or surrounding. I had many ideas for photos that I wanted to take. I never before realised how many photogenic things winter weather creates. But to be fair: I also usually don't get to see that landscape for days. And then I usually don't take an hours long calm walk through it.

After a while I really regretted not bringing, or going back for, a camera. My phone's camera is dirty and damaged, has a delicate auto focus problem and creates disenchanting pictures most of the time that lack contrast. When I came back home the sun came out and started to delete the white scene so that I could not take the pictures tomorrow that I wanted to take today. And that was the end of winter 2024.

I used my last battery percentage point to take these pictures after the sun came out and most of the fog had gone.

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Spring White

Winter didn't bring much white, as it tends not to do around here.

Since the 1st of April though the ground is white from snow.

And it is still snowing.

I was wishing for warmth around this time now. Bff.

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