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I don't have a capsule in the Gemini Space

When I first read about Project Gemini (the Gemini protocol) I was excited. I think it's a good idea for several reasons and I'm happy that it's reality and more than a handful of people help building that space and filling it with content. I never got into gopher mainly because I don't find the structure of gopher sites (gopherholes?) suitable for most kinds of content. And because the web exists and, with the right browser extensions and configuration, isn't annoying enough most of the time.

But now that there is a new kid on the block with a different feature set and the right ideological background of the initiator(s) of the protocol, I seriously thought about moving this site over to the Gemini Space. Or to participate in any way. But I've decided against it for now. I've just started building this site and the software behind it and I don't want to abandon thi project already or start a competing one before this one is established in my mind.

So this blog entry shall be my only contribution for now. Go check it out, there already is a lot of interesting content in Gemini capsules.

  • Project Gemini Website - with many good links to get started
  • Lagrange - a famous GUI Gemini browser (web link)
  • medusae.space gemini directory - one of several good collections/directories of gemini capsules (gemini link)
  • Geminispace Search engine(gemini link)
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