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A year ago today, the idea to create this multi-author blog was put into practice by the second author creating their first entry. Since then I've been asking myself why I let myself be talked into starting yet another multi-author blog. (Admittedly I was half of the people taking myself into it.) After the last attempt didn't take off as I imagined for myself, I didn't think I'd make the same mistake again and start such a similar project. With the same people at that. The last time at least people posted some things in the first few months. That feels like a success now compared to draft0.de. But I'll probably pay for the domain name and server a bit longer. I don't know why. But that's how I tend to do it with ended projects. Anyway, my blog at log.steeph.de will continue to be my place in the web ifwhen (or is it whenif?) this site won't be available any more.

Over a year after starting my blog and the script that generates it I've finally set up scheduled automatic updates of the blog. That means every other night the script is run and (re-)generates the web site unsupervised from whatever files anybody has left in the input directory. I do not apologise for any weird, unintended results in the HTML output of the script or other mistakes. This web site comes as is. If you can't read it, you can't read it.

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