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I hope that there are currently experiments going on, with GPT-3 and the like, where AIs are maintaining social media accounts and channels to see whether they can interact with humans daily for years without anybody noticing that they aren't human.

Or maybe I shouldn't hope that experiments are being conducted on fellow beings (human or otherwise).

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A mainstream rock band called "nREM".

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One in three

I'd just like to repeat a point that I had made in a podcast once, because I think people trying to have lucid dreams tend to overlook that: If you sleep 8 hours a day, the chance that you are dreaming at any given point in times is 1 in 3. That's not bad. Getting the habit of questioning whether you are awake or sleeping right now into your mind really is the most important thing for someone starting out as an oneironaut. If you haven't stopped and taken some time to question your current state upon reading the first sentence on this entry, that is something you still have to realise. "Any given point in time" includes "now". Of course you knew that already. But are you questioning reality based on the fact? … One in three.

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Science-Fiction-Idee für ein Backrezept: Ein viraler Kuchen, dessen Rezept durch chemische Prozesse beim Backen auf der Oberfläche geschrieben erscheint. Bilder werden auf sozialen Medien etc. geteilt, mehr dieser Kuchen werden gebacken.

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There Are So Many Things And Too Many Options!

There are calendars with only pictures of black-furred dogs, bottle openers for the left-handed, overviews of lists of lists of things in the Wikipedia, 9 different USB connectors (plus extensions, plus rare proprietary connectors, times 2 for male and female), there are more human languages and dialects than any one person has even heard of, there are clocks with inverse hours markings, clocks with more than three hands, humans with more than two hands, apples with more than one colour, child safety locks designed to be so weak that they are useless while technically implementing the requirements that they need to have in order to legally be allowed to be called child safety locks, there are programs for children to prevent drug addictions in the future, there are commercial efforts to anchor behaviour in children that makes them more likely to become addicted to certain drugs in the future, there are safety shoes that look like sports shoes. There are ingenious ideas that never go anywhere because the person who had it is not listened to, there are thoughts that come to you after they could and should have come to you. (Like the one that just came to me: This first paragraph looks like it was inspired by a song by Funny van Dannen that I and probably most of the readers of this blog know. I don't think it was.) Anyway. There are soo many things, is what I'm trying to say.

When it comes to living ones life as a human in the 2020s, there is a notably large amount of options, which I herewith declare as too large. I mean options in many different areas. But I'll only name one area here, because it happens to bother me right now and I'm not really in a writing mood today. (You may also see it as an example of too many things: Too many examples to name here.)

There are too many ways to fill your time. There are so many parameters that play a role in deciding what to do at any given time that I find it impossible to choose the right thing simply because it would take, well, probably the rest of my life, to find out what the right decision would be. It would definitely take so long that what the right decision would be would change multiple times in the meantime.

Let's leave out work. If you're employed and have to work certain hours, I think I can make the case that those hours should be treated differently. Let's say you are lucky enough to always know what your job is and what you should do at work and maintain a barrier between work life and private life that allows for such disregarding.

Then, what do you want to do after work, before work, inbetween work? Some broad categories would be to do something to work towards certain goals, like to improve the state and wellbeing of society, your town, your country, the world, do something for friends or family, socialise for personal development and gaining experiences, improve your own health or life, just relax or have fun for now, and so on.

Let's just choose the last one because it's probably the simplest to explore in the context of this text and because hedonistic endeavours are an easy choice and close to my thinking if in doubt.

So, what do you do to relax from work, from the stress that comes with living a modern life and to have a good time?

I took a break from writing this text and was distracted for too long. I've lost my train of thoughts now. Don't expect a continuation. (I will jump on the train and continue this text if/when I get the same thought again.) I guess this entry ends now before my main thought has been expressed.

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Hab mir grad mal vorgestellt, die meisten Menschen seien wirklich so fies und schlecht drauf, wie ich es meistens wahrnehme und oft annehme.

Ach du Scheiße könnte diese Gesellschaft schlimmer sein als sie ist.

Das Schlimme ist nicht, wie Menschen in persönlichen Interaktionen handeln. Oder?

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A bad Bad Religion cover band name: Bad Nutrition

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The thing that I'm most often surprised about is how often I'm surprised about things that I should have known or already knew.

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