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Rock die Burg 2007

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Das zweite Rock die Burg. Wir haben uns sehr gefreut, dass es offenbar wirklich eine jährliches Event wird. Damals fand das Festival noch im Innenhof der Hardenburg statt.

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Rock die Burg 2006

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Das erste Rock die Burg. Die Fotos sind noch so ganz ohne Anschpruch entstanden. Mit einer billigen Kopaktknipse.

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GalaCon 2013

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The second GalaCon, the first one in Ludwigsburg, and the first one at which I had a vendor table. I was selling only handmade LED pictures. Only one kind, wobbly base that likely didn't hold the acrylic sheet for very long. And I had only two engraved blocks. But people loved those. Peter New took and posted a picture of one of them. Anyway, the con was so nice! Most of the traditions that we now have at GalaCon started in 2013 and 2014. It was smaller than 2014 till 2022. Everybody was so so nice!

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Pictures of Artemia

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Although I rarely do it, I like taking makro pictures. These Artemia posed for me over 12 years ago. Their tribe started at the end of the summer 2010 and it still exists today, in the same tank. That's all I know.

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1st Grand Galloping Gala

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The first GalaCon took place in 2012 in Stuttgart at a far far smaller venue than in following years. There were intentionally only a few hundret (I think it may have been arounf 200) tickets sold as to not have a big event as the first experience for the organisers. The following GalaCon was larger, after that the available tickets weren't sold out because the venue was really big. But this first one was really small for a fan convention. I think probably most visitors (or at least me) didn't know what to expect from the event and so every expectation was met. There were nice people. I had a professionally done rainbow-colored mohawk (and two people took pictures of it but I didn't have anybody take a good one for myself) and lots of fun was had. There was a lot of time with no panel, show, game, workshop or talk. There aleady was a gathering outside of the venue of people who didn't get in. There was beer and loud rock music (as opposed to inside) and we agreed to have a "Real Event" (as opposed to the one inside) in the coming years as wel. But we didn't exchange contact details and I forgot everybody's nicknames. (But there were such rogue fan gatherings with nice punk and non-punk beings outsode every following GalaCon and they became bigger, too.) I didn't take a camera to the first GalaCon (or Grand Gallopping Gala, as it was still called). But here are a few pictures that I took.

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Film: Womb (2010)

What three words come to your mind first that describe the film?

Soft, Love, Incest. Well, to be honest, those are the first three. I wish the third one would have been a different word. The forth one would have been Sci-Fi. More keywords are: cloning, childhood, ostracization, ocean, death, depression

How does the film end?

The scene that is shown first in the film is chronologically the last scene in the story. So, that's how the story ends. The rest of the film creates the meaning of what is seen and what she sais in that first scene.

Which two movies is this one a mix of?

Kind of Birth (2004) and Be Right Back (2014, Black Mirror epispde). It's not the same story as Birth. But if you've seen it you will notice the similarities, about which I don't want to tell too much here. Maybe even more so for Be Right Back.

How does that melody go?

DING DING DING DING. ding DING DING DING DING. ding DING DING DING DING DING ding. DING DING DING DING ding. ding ding DING DING DING DING … It's a mostly slow movie. This slow melody sets or accompanies the mood during moments where nothing happens, like during scenery shots. I can't forget that melody. Actually, the melody doesn't reaccur after the beginning of the story. (The instrument does, though.) But still, I can't forget that melody.

Why is Doctor Who there?

Matt Smith is the name of the actor. I see hom so rarely in roles other than The Doctor. This is an entirely different sort of science fition. He still did good.

What open questions remain at the end of the movie?

Why is the new Thomas physically atracted to Rebecca when he only knows her as his mother? How will the new Thomas's life be like after he knows?

Would you watch it again two weeks later because it's a good movie and can be enjoyed twice?

Yes. And I Have.

What's the overall mood of the movie?

I'd say: peaceful. Not every scene and everything that happens is peaceful. But most of the time that's the prevelant mood that I got from it.

You said love is one of the themes of the film. What sort of love story is it?

Well, I didn't use those words. But alright. Was it true love, love at first sight, first love and the love of her life all at the same time? If so then I'm counting it as an achievement that the film told the story without getting cheesy. The following relationships are adressed: childhood friendship, young love, son - mother, mother - son (erotic). Shown but not really addressed much are those: one-night stand, grandfather - granddoughter parents - dead son.

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SBWG 0.11.1

I'm glad to have this version done and published. Even though it has new features compared to the last published version, I've used it enough to feel relatively comfortable saying it is also more stable and has fewer bugs than the last version. There are known bugs still left. But those aren't new.

Caching options and settings are slowly getting a bit elaborate, but also close to what I imagined them being able to do. There are new cachegroups and parts of entries can now be chosed as individual cachegroups, giving the user more control over what is cached and what caches are used. The lifetime of caches can now be set to make sure that no matter how the caching options are used, no outdated content, tags, attachments, etc. will stay on the web site for too long because cache files have been forgotten to be purges. The cache lifetime can be chosen from 1 second to unfinite. The directory used for persistant caches can now be chosen via command line option. I think the caching options are now in a state in which they can seriously be used reliably. Changes to existing cachegroups, like in previous versions, will probably not be made anymore. Just more cachegroups will be added.

The README file has grown a lot. Not only from new features and options. It's now also more complete. A lot of bugs have been fixed. And some general little code quality improvements took place. The stylesheets of the example web site have been improved a bit.

The messaging and logging system has been completely rewritten. It's not really an important part of the script and strictly doesn't matter for its functionality at all. But I decided to have a messaging system and a logging option that doesn't rely on shell redirects. So I did want to redo it properly. Different message types can now be redirected using file descriptors. The option parser has also been party re-written. It's approaching a state in which it's close to what I think personally a complete option parser for Bash should be like.

Alternate styles can now be defined in a web site's settings file. That way alternate style sheets will be offered to the web browser. If the browser supports alternate style sheets, the visitor can select from them to view the page in a different style. There is now an option to change the tagstyle, enabling a web site to have tags of the same type grouped for a more readable look of the entries' headers. Tags now show in parenthesis the number of entries that carry that tag. The number of file attachments is also displayed below entries.

The options for generating a single entry, page or gallery that is not located in the input directory/isn't actually part of the web site can now be used. They were very buggy or nonexistant before. Entries (and other items) with duplicate names are handled in defined ways now. Text files can now be used as file attachments to entries. But if the script determines one to look like a SBWG source file, it is omitted/not displayed/not linked to.

There are still big plans for future versions. Small and big features as well as a complete re-thinking of how the input directory is structured. Nicer looking web sites, more flexible command line options, more options for speeding up the script in cases where a complete website is updated/re-built. A pause like the one before this release will probably occur more often in the future.

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Film: Tideland

I didn't think I could be entertained by watching a little girl being traumatised for life in various ways for almost two hours.

Is it a weird movie?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. That is if you consider a movie weird if it contains a scene of a corpse being taxidermied to keep a deceised person around then placed at the dinner table with the still living part of the family. But it is weird in that way without being a gory horrow or torture movie.

Would Jean-Pierre Jeunet like this film?

I don't know Jean-Pierre Jeunet or what movies he likes. But Tideland reminded me of his movies' style very much. Camera work, colors, character weirdness, music and the naturalness of unusual events made me suspect that it may be intentionally a tribute to Jean-Pierre Jeunet's work. But that's a silly thought.

Is it a children's movie?

I never understood the criteria for which movies are considered children's movies and which are not. But this one might genuinly be impossible to classify as either. It seems to be a children's movie, telling the story of a child from her point of view, with imaginative play and all. But who would want to show such fucked up shit to a child? Well, actually, why not? Some other children's stories aren't any better. And some, like some of Grim's fairy tales, are more gory than this one.

Shouldn't you have started this with an explanation of what the movie is about?

No. But here are a few keywords: girl, heroin, child abuse, death, friendship, decomposition, mummification, family, adventure,

Why is Brendan Fletcher doing this weird autistic-like act?

I don't know but you can't say it's offensive because he's not actually portraying an autistic man but a man who has part of his brain removed. Still offensive but for different reasons? Well, okay. Anyway. I found his role quite nice and well acted.

So, is it a horrow movie or isn't it?

Does it have a romance component in the story?

In an unusual, awkward way, yes, kind of. Well, calling it a romance would legitimise it. It's definitely not the usual cliché romance component. So, no.

What is it that you like about it?

I don't know. I think like how different normalities of life circumstances are introduced without any inhibition or restraint in a somehow lighhearted seeming way.

And the consistancy in the changes throughout the story.

What is this movie a mix of?

I'd say Fear And Laughing In Las Vegas (Terry Gilliam) and The City Of The Lost Children (Jean-Pierre Jeunet).

Can you show us some paradigmatic screen captures?

OK. But not from the end bit. Here you go.

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